Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have one word for Japan's great white north: Awesome. 本当に素晴らしい. The annual migration of JETs to Sapporo, located in Hokkaido - the northernmost and largest prefecture in Japan, for the 雪祭り (snow festival) did not dissapoint. Our four day adventure to Sapporo was one of my favorite trips that I have been on while living here. Hokkaido, just a stones throw away from Siberia, was unbelievably cold, but the food, the people, the snow, the HEATING systems, and most importantly the amazing group of friends I went with made the trip unforgettable.

I could (and probably will) post a couple entries highlighting my experiences there, but the best summary is the fantastic photo slide show that Kyle Undem, a founding member of the おおしまつ's, created in rememberence of the trip.

札幌、楽しい時間をありがとう。(Sapporo, tanoshii jikan wo arigatou - Thank's Sapporo for the amazing times!)


  1. I like the 2nd post being 6 months into the trip.

  2. Dude my first post was unfortunately 6 months into the trip! I only got the thing up and running last week. I had taken a ton of notes of posts I wanted to make over the past couple months but never got around to making the actual blog website...